CookieSale 3.0

Using Multiple Launchpads with CookieSale

Important information to consider when using multiple launchpads
If you are planning on hosting multiple presales across different launchpads, please read the following carefully.

Check for Liquidity Function

CookieSale has a 'Check for Liquidity' function enabled on our platform. This function screens for LP before finalizing a presale. If preexisting liquidity is detected, you will not be able to finalize your presale. It is an added security feature to protect users in the event a third party adds liquidity and sets a price before the project developer can.

How does this effect multiple presales?

Regarding hosting presales on multiple launchpads (and adding liquidity with them), it is essential that you first finalize your presale with CookieSale before finalizing anywhere else. Once you have finalized with CookieSale and thus created the initial liquidity pool, you will then be able to finalize on the other launchpads.
Please clarify with the other launchpads you are using that they do not also have the ‘Check for Liquidity' function in their finalization protocol.
If you are not adding liquidity from another launchpad and simply performing a fund raise, then the above does not apply, and you can finalize in any order you like.