CookieSale 3.0

Cookie Anti-Bot

The Cookie Anti-Bot feature explained

What are Bots?

Bots (aka Snipers) are automated tools that conduct trades and execute transactions on behalf of human investors. While there are benefits to using bots in crypto trading, they create an unfair advantage in public presale purchasing and initial exchange listings.

Why Should I Care About Bots?

As an investor, bots can perform a transaction faster than what is humanly possible. For example, if there's one spot in a presale left and it's a race between you and a bot, it's almost certain the bots transaction will process first. Project owners should also care about bots, especially when launching a token. Generally speaking, owners want real investors buying into their projects. Bots can artificially inflate the initial price and dump at an inconvenient time, which can be detrimental to a project if not avoided.
The Anti-Bot feature provided by CookieSale prevents bots from enacting multiple swaps in the same transaction. This feature can also control the number of tradable tokens per trade, change the number of tradable tokens over time, and add any bot addresses to a blacklist.

How does it work?

The ability to blacklist wallets will be available for a set period of time after token listing. The contract owner can manually add or remove suspected bot addresses by putting them on the blacklist. These wallet addresses will be unable to trade. If you are already aware of bot addresses prior to launch, you can preemptively add them to the list.
The Anti-Bot feature also prevents any transaction during the first block once listed. Trading from the second block onwards will only be possible. A limited amount of tradable tokens per trade will increase gradually, proportional to the number of blocks that have passed since the initial block. After a set number of blocks, the Anti-Bot feature will automatically dissipate.
Cookie Anti-Bot is included FREE in all token mints.
The limited amount of tradable tokens per trade and the time limit per trade can be customized by the contract owner.