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Create a Private Sale

How to create a Private Sale on CookieSale

Private Sale Explained

Private Sales are the sale of coins or tokens to specific early investors. These types of sales are usually unannounced and not revealed to the general public. The goal is to attract prominent early investors to fund the project in exchange for tokens that may yield high returns.
Please note that a mandatory KYC through CookieSale is required for hosting a Private Sale on our platform. This must be done anytime prior to the Private Sale going live. If a KYC is not done by then, your Private Sale will be cancelled with no refund.

How-to Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a Private Sale with CookieSale. This guide has been formulated for the use with a Metamask wallet on desktop.

Make sure you are connected to the platform with your Metamask wallet and have selected your desired blockchain.
Step 1: From anywhere on the site, select 'Create' on the menu followed by 'Private Sale' from the options provided.
Step 2: Name your Private Sale
You will now be on the Create a Private Sale page. First you must name your presale and choose the currency you wish to raise funds in. Select "Next" when ready to proceed.
Step 3: Private Sale Details
You will now need to input the necessary Private Sale information in the required fields.
Note that you aren't necessairly required to have your smart contract created at this time. If you need to create a token, follow the steps outlined in Create Token.

✴️ Field Details

Soft Cap: The soft cap is the bare minimum of funds (depending on your blockchain) that needs to be raised in order to finalize your Private Sale. Note that the amount must be 50% of the hard cap.
Hard Cap: The hard cap is the maximum amount of funds (depending on your blockchain) that can be raised for the Private Sale. Once the hardcap is reached, your Private Sale will be fully complete and you'll need to finalize to begin receiving funds.
Minimum and Maximum Buy: This is the minimum and maximum amount of the native blockchain token that an investor is able to contribute per wallet address.
Start and End Time (UTC): This is the date and time to which your Private Sale will start and end.
Presale Type: You have the option to disable or enable the Whitelist feature. Choose 'Whitelist' of you have a whitelist of private sale investors.
Currency Pair: Select the currency you'd like you token to be paired against. Keep in mind that the volatility of the native currency (ie. BNB) will reflect in your own token. For more stability, choose a stablecoin.
First Fund Release for Project (%): This is the % amount of funds that will be initially released to the project owner upon completeing your Private Sale.
Fund Vesting Period Each Cycle (days): The amount of time between each cycle of released funds.
Fund Release Each Cycle (%): The % amount of funds released each cycle after the initial release of funds.
Step 6: Additional Info
This is where you can enter in your website, logo, and social media information. After inputting the necessary information select 'Next'.

✅ Project Updates, Upcoming Events, and Team Members

Project owners have the option to include more information on the team and upcoming events directly on their presale page. Learn more by visiting Updates & Upcoming Events.

Team Member Info

You have the option to fill in details for up to 3 members of your projects team. This includes the Telegram link to individual profiles as well are the profile displays. This is a way of providing more transparency and giving potential investors a direct line of communication to the team.
Note the Team Member fill in isn't mandatory but highly recommended. We also recommend you KYC prior to going live with your sale. This will provide further transparency with your investors. KYC is FREE through CookieSale, visit here for more details.
Step 7: Review Details
A summary of your Private Sale details will be presented here. Take the time to review and confirm all information is correct. You can go back and change any data if need be. Select ‘Submit’ once confirmed.
Air dropping tokens and enabling trading before your contract is live can leave it vulnerable for anyone to add LP. If LP has been added prior, you will have to cancel your presale and redeploy your contract. It's recommended you do not airdrop private sale tokens until AFTER the token has gone through it's presale and/or is live trading. You should be in control of the entire token supply prior to listing your presale.
Step 8: Activate Private Sale
After selecting 'Approve', Metamask will prompt you for the 0.5 BNB fee to generate a pool. Select 'Confirm' to finish the Private Sale creation process. You will now be able to view your Private Sale Page on the 'Private Sale List'.
Congratulations, you've just created a Private Sale on CookieSale