CookieSale 3.0

Pay with Cookie Points

Everything you need to know about the CookieSale Points System

What is the CookieSale Points System?

The Points System is a CookieSale exclusive that lets users on our platform collect points in a designated wallet that can be used throughout our site. Upon connecting your wallet, you can see your Points Balance on the Cookie Points card on the bottom left of the platform.
Points can be used for essentially all services available on CookieSale and then some. The following services can be purchased with Points:
  • Minting Tokens
  • Creating Presales
  • Using the Multisender
  • Whitelisting
There will be an option on all points eligible services at the bottom of the page:
More usecases will be added to the Points System as time goes on to benefit both regular users and project creators

Points for Whitelist

You can use your points to exchange for a whitelist on a presale you are not whitelisted on. Assuming you have enough points, if you come across a whitelisted presale that you are not whitelisted on, beside the 'Whitelist' icon you will notice a second 'Let me in' icon. Click this and use your points to purchase a whitelist.
You earn points everytime you interact with the CookieSale platform, whether it be contributing or purchasing our services.
  • Contributing to a Presale
  • Creating a Presale
  • Creating a Staking Pool
  • Minting a Token
  • Using the Multisender
Note that your contribution to a Presale will only generate points upon completion of a presale. If a presale cancels, you will be deducted the points you collected from initially contributing.
You do not need to be a COOKIE token holder to earn points, they are available for everyone who uses our platforms. However, holders of 50,000+ COOKIE tokens will earn 20% more Cookie Points when eligible.
Points will be tethered to a USD value so it can be applicable across all blockchains. In other words, it will be fixed to a dollar value. This means that the points you earn will fluctuate in amount depending on the price of the native token you've used to purchase a service. This will apply to the cost of points to use for services as well.

Points Ratio

USD Spent : Points Earned in USD
If the price of BNB = $300 and you spend 1 BNB to create a Tiered Presale, you will get $50 worth of points.
Contributions to presales will have a higher ratio since we only receive a small percentage in the amount raised as a fee.
Since the Cookie Points are tied to a dollar value, your points can be used for partial payments. In other words, if you have half the amount of points needed for a free presale listing, you can still use those points to get a 50% discount