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A list of CookieSales strategic partnerships
The following partners on this page intimiately with CookieSale. There are several more channels and companies we have partnered with, which you can find linked at the bottom of this page

Contract Checker​

About Contract Checker

Contract Checker is a blockchain based company established in December 2021. One of the main objectives of Contract Checker is to contribute to a safe ecosystem in the crypto market. The company currently has 27 professional experts in its team and continues to grow. They have a dedicated research and development team that tirelessly work towards improvements in the security and quality of blockchain technology.
They are at the forefront of the industry, providing cutting edge crypto solutions and executing their development to ensure the highest and most professional standard possible. They do this not only for their own development as a company, but for larger blockchain technology projects as well.
To learn more about their services and how to contact Contract Checker, click here.


About is a decentralized on-chain data platform that currently aggregates on-chain data from 30+ blockchains.
They provide users with the K-line data of the token, the floor price of nft, and the statistical data of various sectors such as DeFi, GameFi, and Web3.0, etc. is committed to developing a "safer, more accurate, and more professional" aggregated data platform.
For more details on, click here.


About Moontok

Moontok is one of the biggest token listers for the Chinese and global crypto market. Moontok provides a platform where anybody can submit a cryptocurrency project via the website's submission form. They are one of the leading sources for the best new projects to the Chinese demographic.
For more details and how to contact Moontok, click here.

About Tyler Hill Investing

Tyler Hill is a crypto currency influencer as well as the owner of the Hill Growth Agency designed to help companies grow within the crypto space.
Tyler Hill is an official Ambassador of CookieSale!
For more details and how to contact Tyler Hill, click here.

About Crypto Hunters Elite

They have very active and supporting group chat where their investor community safely discusses everything crypto related. They share daily breaking news, Crypto Education, and host/offer daily giveaways for our loyal community members.
They explore the ever evolving technology and markets that crypto has to offer. One of the ways they do this is by conducting professionally hosted AMAs to find the best projects out there. They’ve worked with the best of the best projects in helping bringing them to the forefront in the crypto space.
For more details and how to contact Crypto Hunters Elite, click here.​

Phoenix Holdings​

About Phoenix Holdings

We are a group of private investors working with some of the biggest crypto projects on the BSC network, aiming to expand our brand on other blockchains as well.
Our community is offering projects an opportunity to attract serious investors by providing them “Ask Me Anything" sessions, better known as AMA’s.
For investors we provide a safe environment to find upcoming serious projects, since doxxing (KYC) to us is a requirement for any presentation.
For more details and how to contact Phoenix Holdings, click here.

USA Crypto Group​

About USA Crypto Group

USA Crypto Group is for investors looking for nre cryptocurrency projects to invest in. We do research and analyze projects seeking for high quality and long-term potential. We host AMAs, Cash Giveaway, Whitelist Giveaway, NFT Giveaway and much more. One of the best places to talk and discuss everything cryto!
For more details and how to contact USA Crypto Group, click here.

DTC Group​

About DTC Group

DTC Group is one of the largest and most ambitious marketing agency which provides one-stop-service marketing for Crypto & NFT projects.
Our services covers everything a project needs to support their full launch as our qoutes say "We Scale The Unscalable", the services includes Consultants / Advisory, Blockchain Development, Fund-raising, Partnerships-VCs connection, Launchpad IDO and Exchanges connections, and Online-Offline marketing.
For more details and how to contact DTC Group, click here.

​SKG Ventures​

About SKG Ventures

SKG Ventures is a pioneering venture capital fund leading the investment trend and incubating early stage blockchain & crypto projects.
For more details and how to contact SKG Ventures, click here.

Travladd Crypto​

About Travladd Crypto

Travladd Crypto is one of the biggest influencer brands in the BSC space, if not THE biggest. Having immersed himself in the DeFi scene, Travladd has built his following throughout his Telegram channels and Twitter to hundreds of thousands of investors.
Travladd is an official Ambassador of CookieSale!
For more details and how to contact Travladd, click here.

Brothers Marketing​

About Brothers Marketing

Brothers Marketing offers a full support marketing solution for all a projects needs, starting from contract creation all the way to getting you onto a top level exchange. Assisting you for the entirety of your journey, their goal is to help you achieve the highest returns on your marketing investment and get maximum exposure in the DeFi space. For more details and how to contact Brothers Marketing, click here.

​SHG Web3 Gaming​

About SHG Web3 Gaming
At Sydney Houston Group we set out to take every client from an idea to a multi-million dollar company, and beyond.
Since June 2021, our mission has been to support, empower, and facilitate the growth of start-up companies in the Web3 ecosystem.
Our mentorship, professional experience, and expertise enables us to guide young entrepreneurs in planning and structuring their business, raising funds, growing their community, managing their public relations, developing their business, bringing their product or service to market, generating sales, driving revenue, and developing creative solutions to the challenges encountered along the way.
For more details and how to contact SHG, click here.

​AMA Groups ​

About AMA Groups
We are AMA Groups. We work with projects that want to be the best of the future. We provide many services such as Advisory, Incubator, Fundraising, Exchange Listings, Marketing, and more!
For more details and how to contact AMA Groups, click here.
Cryptic is the one-stop-shop marketing solution for Businesses on the Blockchain.
With a team that is experienced in marketing, consulting and developing; besides a network of top-notch marketers, developers, project owners, and venture capitals, Cryptic can offer basically all necessary services for your Blockchain built Business.
For more details and how to contact Cryptic Marketing Agency, click here.

🕊️ Crypto Birds​

About Crypto Birds
Crypto Birds is the leading crypto community with an ambission to educate people about Crypto and share early gems and provide marketing and extensive services exclusively pushing for fairlaunches and presales , AMAS twitter Spaces binance live streaming.
For more details and how to contact Crypto Birds, click here.


CoinTiger is a on-stop cryptocurrency Trading Platform. They offer a variety of services from fiat-to-crypto purchasing, trading, to portfolio management.
For more details and how to contact CoinTiger, click here.