CookieSale 3.0

KYC Process

CookieSale's KYC process explained

Contact Us for a KYC

To get started, please visit this page to apply for your KYC badge. You should also contact Maria to notify you have applied and are listing on CookieSale. The process of completing the KYC can take up to 48 hours.
CookieSale KYC Cost: 1.5 BNB
Note that our KYC process is carried out by a third party partner in Contract Checker. They are an established and trusted company in the space.
Our KYC services are available to all projects, both pre and post-launch. KYC is not a prerequisite to using our services

KYC Video Steps

As a part of the KYC process, the contract owner must submit a video recording of themselves consisting of the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Verify your full name and the project you are submitting the KYC for.
  2. 2.
    Acknowledge that you are submitting this video as part of the KYC process and if you are deemed to have committed a scam upon investigation, said video and the personal information you have provided along with it will be released.
  3. 3.
    Show visual proof that you are in fact the contract owner (show your Web3 wallet address on camera).

CookieSale KYC Badge

Users will need to follow the instructions provided by our third party KYC provider and wait for confirmation once completed. Upon completion, project owners will receive a KYC badge that will be visible to all users visiting their launch page.

If you have an Audit and KYC ready, share it in the Audit & KYC Verification group.
Combine this with your CookieSale Audit Badge to really stand out among your fellow crypto projects

KYC Security Protocol

The purpose of the KYC process is to protect investors and deter project owners from conducting nefarious acts. If project owners have KYC'd and it's concluded upon investigation they have scammed, the release of information will be dependant on the third party holding. In general, the following actions may take place:

  • A 24-48 hour time period will be given for suspected scam projects to respond to accusations.
  • A video authorization with a pre-recorded statement acknowledging said video would be released if it was determined a scam was committed.
  • Release suspects name, photo and country location.
  • Personal ID that includes details such as home addresses will only be released to lawyers, law enforcement and/or companies partnered with our third parties to bring forward legal action.
Please note that our KYC protocol is valid for 12 months upon submission.
CookieSale believes scammers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In no way do we encourage vigilante justice. Any speak of such actions in our Telegram channel will be promptly removed. We understand that emotions run high for investors whom become victims of scams, but it’s imperative that each case is handled legally, ethically, and as professionally as possible.

To report scam projects that have launched or are launching on our platform, please join the Cookie Sale Scam Report group.
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