CookieSale 3.0


Frequently Asked Questions on CookieSale

Is CookieSale safe?

Yes, CookieSale is decentralized and has been audited by Contract Checker.

Why should I use CookieSale over other Launchpads?

In short, CookieSale provides greater functionality to users for less. We rise above the competition with modernized and customizable smart contracts, tighter anti-scam measures, a rewards system, direct customer support, and are fully transparent! We have some of the lowest fees and take absolutely no tokens as a condition of launch.

Do I need to KYC to use CookieSale?

KYC is not required as condition to use our platform whether as an investor or project creator. However, we do offer KYC services to projects listing on CookieSale for an affordable price. Check for the KYC badge on a presale to verify whether they've KYC'd through CookieSale or one of our partners.

How do I KYC with CookieSale?

KYC is available for project owners both on and off the CookieSale platform. Projects listing on CookieSale are able to get a thorough KYC. Visit the KYC section for instructions on how to proceed.

Is there a CookieSale token?

Yes, the Cookie Token launched Q4 2022. Visit the tokenomics section for more details.

How do I create my own token?

Simply visit and select 'Create' followed by 'Token' under the menu. For a step-by-step guide, visit the Create a Token section. To see the comparison between each token available in the token minter, visit the Token Comparison Chart.

How do I create a token with an automated audit?

When creating a token on CookieSale, users will automatically receieve an audit via Contract Checker. Visit the Automated Audit section for more details.

I created a token but can't find my audit

The audit link will be available on the post token creation display page. If you already went passed this page, simply visit Contract Checkers Github here.

How do I create a presale?

Once you have your token ready, either through the CookieSale Token Minter or via third party, select 'Create a Presale' under the menu on Visit the Create a Presale section for more details.

How do I buy into a presale?

Simply go to the Launchpad List on and select the pool you wish to contribute to. Verify the sale is public or that you are whitelisted (if it's a whitelist only sale). Connect your wallet and enter in the amount you wish to contribute. Visit Buy into Presale for more details.

How do I claim my tokens?

After contributing to a presale, you must wait until the presale is finalized by the project owner. Then you can go to the presale page and select the claim button to receive your tokens. Visit Claim Tokens for more details.

Can I withdraw my contribution after contributing to presale?

Yes, you can emergency withdrawal as long as the presale has not filled or has been finalized. Visit Emergency Withdrawal for more details.
No, anybody can earn Cookie Points. However, holders of 50,000+ tokens will get 20% more when Cookie Points are rewarded.
No, Cookies Points are rewards earned everytime you interact with our platform. You will have to pay gas fees as is custom with any interaction with a blockchain.
No, your points can only be used by the wallet that collects them.

What happens if a tier doesn't fill during a Tiered Presale?

Any unfilled allocation amounts will carry over to the final tier. There's no softcap on each individual tier so project owners will always have the option to advance anytime before the allotted time ends. The soft cap set applies to the funds raised in the entirety of all tiers combined.

Why can't I enter in a time length or allocation amount in the final tier in a Tiered Presale?

The final tier automatically calculates the allocation and length relative to the previous tier inputs. For example, if your entire presale is looking to raise 300 BNB and the first two tiers have 50 BNB in each, the final tier will be calculated as such: 300 - (50 + 50) = 200 BNB. The same applies for the length of time relative to the length of the previous tiers and end date selected in the Tier Presale setup.

Why isn't my logo or banner showing up?

It's likely due to improper formatting. Make sure your logo and/or banner link ends in .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Does CookieSale incubate projects?

CookieSale will work directly with select projects. You can send in your application here to see if your project qualifies.

My question isn't listed here, can I contact you directly?

Yes, any questions you have can be answered directly by Customer Support.