CookieSale 3.0

Multisender Airdrop

How to setup the CookieSale Multisend to airdrop tokens en masse

How-to Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a Air Drop with CookieSale. This guide has been formulated for the use with a Metamask wallet on a desktop.

Make sure you are connected to the platform with your Metamask wallet and have selected your desired blockchain.
Step 1: From anywhere on the site, select 'Create' on the menu followed by ' Presale' from the options provided.
Step 2: From the Create Airdrop page, you'll need to enter in the contract address of the token you'd like send airdrops from. Once entered, select 'Next'.
Please make sure you're connected with the token owners wallet before proceeding.
Step 3: Enter in all the addresses you wish to receieve airdrops followed by the amount of tokens you wish for them to receive. Seperate the contract address and the token amount with a comma. Select next when ready to proceed.
Each address must be followed with a comma, space and token amount. Each new address must be on a seprate line. Ex. 0x00....000, 50000
Step 4: Review and confirm all the details of your Airdrop before submitting. Metamask will prompt you. Confirm to create your Airdorp.
Step 9: Confirm your details and select 'Start Multisend' to send out your token Airdrop. You'll need to confirm the transaction on Metamask to proceed.
Congratulations, you've just created an Airdrop on CookieSale