CookieSale 2.1

How to Claim Airdrop

How to claim tokens that have been Airdropped to you
Please note that if the Airdrop creator selected 'Auto Distribute' during the setup phase, your tokens will be airdropped to you automatically.

How-to Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to Claim an Airdrop with CookieSale. This guide has been formulated for the use with a Metamask wallet on a desktop.

Make sure you are connected to the platform with your Metamask wallet and have selected your desired blockchain.
Step 1: Starting on the CookieSale homepage, select 'Menu' and a drop down menu will appear. Select 'Cookie Airdrop' followed by 'Airdrop List' from the options provided.
Step 2: Select the Airdrop you are looking to claim from the Airdrops available.
Step 3: You will see you wallet address and token amount to receive under 'Allocations'. Select the 'Claim' button on the right hand side and confirm the transaction.
Step 4: After confirming the transaction, you will see the verification on the right hand side for your amount claimed.
Congratulations, you've just claimed your airdrop on CookieSale