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Create a Fair Launch

How to create a Fair Launch on CookieSale

Video Tutorial

How-to Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a Fair Launch with CookieSale. This guide has been formulated for the use with a Metamask wallet on desktop.

Make sure you are connected to the platform with your Metamask wallet and have selected your desired blockchain.
Step 1: Starting on the CookieSale homepage, select 'Menu' and a drop down menu will appear. Select 'Create a Launchpad' followed by 'Create Fair Launch' from the options provided.
Step 2: Verify Token
You will now be on the Create Fair Launch page. If you already have a token, enter in your token address in the space provided. If you need to create a new token, select the ‘Create Token’ icon and proceed through our Create Token steps.
Step 3: After entering in your token address, select 'Approve' to proceed to the next steps.
You should see your token name, symbol, and decimals when successful.
Step 4: Confirm Transaction
Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Note that the fees charged will be gas fees that are required for any interaction with the blockchain.
Make sure that the token has 'Exclude transfer fee' function if it has transfer fees.
Step 5: DeFi Fairlaunch Info
Once you've verified your token, you will now need to input the necessary Fair Launch information in the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

Field Details

Total Selling Amount: This represents the number of tokens that will be sold during the presale phase of the Fair Launch.
Softcap (Native Blockchain Token): The soft cap is the bare minimum of BNB, ETH, MATIC, or AVAX (depending on your blockchain) that needs to be raised in order to finalize a presale.
Router: You will have Router options depending on the blockchain the token is being traded on. For the BSC, you would select PancakeSwap.
Liquidity (%): Enter the percentage of raised funds that are to be allocated to liquidity on PancakeSwap (or the blockchains respective router). The minimum value is 51% and the maximum is 100%.
Start and End Time (UTC): this is the date and time to which your Presale will start and end.
Liquidity Lockup (days): Lock-up time in days for liquidity pool.

Step 6: Add Additional Info
This is where you can enter in your website, logo, and social media information. After inputting the necessary information select 'Next'.
Please note that your logo and banner URLs must end in .jpg, .png, or .gif to display correctly. If you’re using an external image hosting site (ex. imgur, postimg, googledrive, etc), make sure to copy the image address (ending in .jpg, .png, or .gif) and paste that into the logo section.

YouTube URL

If you want to add a YouTube video onto your presale, copy the YouTube address in the Step 1 section. Select 'Convert'. A new link will appear in the 'Result' section. Copy the new link and paste it into the Step 4 section.
Step 7: Review Details
A summary of your Launchpad details will be presented here. Take the time to review and confirm all information is correct. You can go back and change any data if need be. Select ‘Submit’ once confirmed.
Air dropping tokens and enabling trading before your contract is live can leave it vulnerable for anyone to add LP. Keep this in mind and check before activating your Launchpad to prevent issues when finalizing your presale. If LP has been added prior, you will have to cancel your presale and redeploy your contract. You should be in control of the entire token supply prior to listing your presale.
Step 8: Activate Fair Launch
After selecting 'Approve', Metamask will prompt you for the 1 BNB fee to generate a pool. Select 'Confirm' to finish the Fair Launch creation process.
Congratulations, you've just created a Fair Launch on CookieSale