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How to contribute to a Presale on CookieSale

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to contribute to a presale on CookieSale. This guide has been formulated for the use with a Metamask wallet on a desktop.
Make sure you are connected to the platform with your Metamask wallet and have selected your desired blockchain. Learn how to connect your wallet here.
Step 1: Starting on the CookieSale homepage, select 'Launchpad List' to view all available pools.
Step 2: Under the 'All Launchpads' tab you will see all live, upcoming, and completed presales. You can also enter the token name or the token symbol in the search bar. Search for the token whose presale you wish to contribute.
Step 3: Select 'View Pool' to open up the Launchpad page. This page will provide you a detailed break down of the presale.
Take some time to scroll down and review the presale details and ensure it meets your prerequisites before investing. In the example above, we see immediate red flags given that this project has no audit or KYC as evident in the 'Badges' section.
Step 4: Enter the amount you want to contribute in the space provided and select 'Buy'.
Step 5: Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. It’s here you will be required to pay your contribution fee to contribute to the selected presale. If you agree, then select 'Confirm' to complete your contribution.
Step 6: Once the transaction is processed you will have a notification under the fill bar affirming you've contributed to the presale.
Congratulations, you've just contributed to a presale on CookieSale
Visit the 'Claim Tokens' section to learn how to claim your recently purchased tokens.