CookieSale 2.1

Audit & KYC Badges

How to apply for the Audit & KYC badges

Audit Badge

Contact Admins via Telegram with proof-of-Audit at Cookie Audit to receive your official CookieSale Audit Badge.

KYC Badge

Please contact @cookiesaleKYC on Telegram to apply for your official KYC badge. The process of completing the KYC can take up to 48 hours dependening on volume.
The Audit & KYC Badges will appear on your Launchpad page for everyone to see.

No Audit Badge

In an effort to guide users away from investing in riskier projects on our platform, any presale that has not submitted an approved Audit will have the ‘No Audit’ badge on their Launchpad page.

Ease your mind by creating a token through CookieSale for a smart contract that has been peer-reviewed via our partners at Contract Checker. Users must still purchase an audit to receive an official audit report and CookieSale Audit badge.